911…What’s Your Emergency?

911…What’s Your Emergency? (62 pages)

by Mark Agan

Law enforcement officers, fire-fighters, and EMT’s constantly deal with emergencies. Heart attacks, assaults, stabbings, and shootings are something they encounter on a daily basis. But the greatest emergency we ALL face. It is not a physical emergency, it is a spiritual one.

Satan is launching an assault against you, your family, and your marriage. But there is hope! In 911…What’s Your Emergency?, Pastor Mark Agan unmasks public enemy #1, Satan. And he reveals how you can defend yourself against the four weapons Satan will use against you so that you can win the victory.

Chapter 1: Is It A Self-Inflicted Wound?
Chapter 2: Watch Out for the Assailant!
Chapter 3: Look Out! He’s Got A Weapon!
Chapter 4: Do You Have A Pulse?
Chapter 5: 30 Seconds After You Die

PASTORS, if you have a special day to honor Emergency Services Personnel, this would make a great gift to give them. Many churches have church members sponsor a gift bag, which helps cover the cost for the church.

*Paperback & Kindle version (Amazon.com): CLICK HERE

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