Church Membership Matters

November 05, 2012
Mark Agan

Church Membership Matters

by Mark Agan

Is church membership really important? Can a person still be a good Christian and NOT be a member of a church? These are some good questions that need to be answered. When a person is born again, they are automatically added into the family of God, but the Bible clearly teaches that every believer is also to be a part of a local, New Testament church. In this book, Mark Agan takes the reader to the Word of God to see why Church Membership Matters.

Chapter 1Here’s the Church; Here’s the Steeple
Chapter 2Membership Has It’s Privileges
Chapter 3What’s the Big Deal?
Chapter 4CHURCH: Some Assembly Required

*Paperback version (28 pages) – $2.50 each. Email: or call the Community Baptist Church at (919) 742-3968 to place an order.

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