Touched By Jesus

May 09, 2016
Mark Agan
(Mark 10:13) “And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them…”
These mothers in Mark 10 brought their children to Jesus for one reason: they wanted Him to TOUCH them! Hey, parents, that tells me that even children can be touched by the Lord.
The best thing parents can do for their children is to bring them to Jesus; making sure they are constantly under the Word of God so that He can touch their young lives.
But notice it says, “THEY” brought them to Jesus, meaning it wasn’t the baby-sitter, or the nanny; it was the PARENTS that brought them to Jesus. It isn’t the pastor, youth pastor, Sunday School Teacher, or Junior Church leader’s sole responsibility to get your child to Jesus; it’s YOUR responsibility as their parent, first.
Evidently, the mothers had already been to Jesus, themselves. The mothers could not have brought their children to Jesus had THEY not already known where Jesus was, themselves. Meaning, you as a parent need to have a fresh encounter with Jesus yourself, first. Your child needs to see that Jesus has touched YOUR life before you expect Him to touch THEIR lives.
Is Jesus working in YOUR life, mom? Is Jesus working in YOUR life, dad? Let your child see Jesus in you, first, then bring them to Jesus so He can touch their lives, too!

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