Preparing Little Children for BIG Church


You will receive this booklet in two formats:
a PDF and a .mobi (Kindle) file.

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As the title of this book suggests, it’s purpose is simple: to help equip parents so that they can prepare and train their little children to sit and behave in big church. It is not only possible to teach little children to behave in big church, but they can actually learn while in big church, too. This booklet is what Pastor and Mrs. Agan taught to the parents in their church in order to equip them to train their children to not just endure big church, but actually enjoy it, as well.

Chapter 1: Whose Responsibility Is It to Train Our Children?
Chapter 2: What Should We Be Teaching Them?
Chapter 3: When Is the Best Time to Train Children?
Chapter 4: Can Little Children Be Taught to Be In “Big” Church?
Chapter 5: Training a Child to Sit in “Big” Church
Chapter 6: Tips & Suggestions

*All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version.

NOTE: You will receive this booklet in two formats: a PDF and a .mobi (Kindle) file.

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