He’s Still on the Throne!

“In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.” (Isa. 6:1)

Isaiah saw the Lord in all His greatness and glory. He got a glimpse of God never before seen, but it’s interesting that he says this happened “In the year that king Uzziah died…”

You have to understand that Uzziah was a great king who was blessed by God. The country was blessed financially under his reign because the Bible says the land was flowing with milk and honey. The country was also blessed with protection under Uzziah’s reign because he never fought a battle he didn’t win. So, for the king to die, meant there was a lot of uncertainty and insecurity.

Everywhere you looked, faces were sad. Everyone else saw despair and discouragement but you know what Isaiah saw? Isaiah saw the LORD! In other words, Isaiah said, “When things started looking DOWN, I started looking UP!” In the middle of all the despair and discouraging circumstances, Isaiah lifted his eyes and looked past king Uzziah and saw King Jesus! When he did, he was reminded that there was still a king in charge. In verse 1, we see two kings mentioned:

One is a dead king and one is a divine King.
One is a mortal king and one is an immortal King.
One is a human king and one is a heavenly King.
One king died, but the other King lives forever!

And where exactly did Isaiah see King Jesus? He said, “I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne…” When the bottom fell out of Isaiah’s life, he set his eyes on Jesus. And when he did, he didn’t see Jesus pacing the floor, wringing His hands worried about the future. He didn’t see Jesus all stressed out saying to Himself, “What am I going to do now that Uzziah has died?” Oh, no! He saw “the Lord sitting upon a throne…”

Listen, friend, no matter how bad the circumstances are around you, turn your eyes upon Jesus. Lift them up above your trial and above your heartache, and when you do, you will see that the God of all glory who was on the throne in Isaiah’s day is STILL ON THE THRONE in our day, too!!! He’s still in charge of the world and is still in control of all things.

So, when life seems to be falling apart all around you, just remember this…Jesus is still on the throne!

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