My Bible is Dry as Dust

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” (Ps. 1:2)

One night, after a church service where R.A. Torrey was preaching, a man approached him and said, “I cannot get anything out of reading the Bible. My Bible is dry as dust! How can I make it come alive to me like it is to you?”

“Read it,” replied Dr. Torrey.
“I have read it,” the man said.
“Read it some more,” was Torrey’s reply.
“How?” said the man.
“Take a book of the Bible and read it twelve times a day for a month,” Dr. Torrey answered.
“What book could I read that many times a day, working as many hours as I do?”
“Try Second Peter,” replied Torrey.

The man began to read Second Peter three times in the morning, two or three times at noon, and three times in the evening. Soon, he was talking about Second Peter to everyone he met. The next time he saw Dr. Torrey he said, “Ever since I’ve started spending so much time reading the Bible it’s as if the stars in heaven are singing the story of Second Peter. I read Second Peter on my knees, marking passages. Soon, my teardrops began to mix with the crayon colors I was marking it with and I said to my wife, ‘I have ruined this part of my Bible.’” His wife said to him, “Yes, but as the pages have been getting black, your life has been getting white!”

The greatest way to fall in love with the Bible is to first fall in love with its Author! Fall in love with Jesus and you will find that the Bible is no longer as dry as dust.

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