Thank God!

“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,” (Phil. 1:3)

When writing to the believers at Philippi, Paul showed how much they meant to him. He said to them that every time they came to his mind, he thanked God for them. What a testimony! They must have really been a blessing in Paul’s life for him to say that.

FIRST—Be thankful for those God has put in your life.

Paul said, “I thank my God…” He didn’t take those believers God had put in his life for granted. He realized that God put them in his life for a reason and was thankful for their friendship and fellowship.

SECOND—Realize everyone contributes something to your life.

In (v.4) Paul said, “Always in every prayer of mine for you all…” He was thankful for everyone. He knew that, while he may not be best friends with everyone, God can use everyone to contribute something to our lives…even those who sometimes rub us the wrong way.

THIRD—Be a person others are thankful for.

There was something about these believers that blessed Paul and caused him to think of them in a positive light. One thing that Paul appreciated was their faithfulness to him. In (v.5) He said, “I thank my God…For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now;” Faithful friends are few and far between, so be the kind of friend others will thank God for.

Take a moment, this morning, to thank God for your Christian friends whom God has placed in your life. Thank God for your pastor, your Sunday School teacher, those who encourage you and pray for you. Thank God for them, then ask God to help you be such a friend to others that they will be thankful for you, too!

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