Your Own Salvation

There are two words that often get overlooked in the verse I dealt with yesterday. (Phil 2:12) says “…work out YOUR OWN salvation”

Paul wrote this while working out his own salvation in prison. He wanted the Philippian believers to do the same: work out THEIR OWN salvation.

FIRST: you better have a salvation of YOUR OWN. Meaning, you better not be relying on your father, mother, or anyone else’s testimony of salvation, You should have one of your own.

SECONDLY: You must work out YOUR OWN salvation. You cannot work out someone else’s salvation. You must focus on what God is doing in YOUR life, not someone else’s life.

We often become an expert in what everyone else should or should not be doing, yet overlook what WE should or should not be doing. Be yourself. God did not create you to be someone else. Neither did He call you to be like someone else.

I have many wonderful preacher friends (at least I HOPE they are still my friends) 🙂 They all have different styles of preaching. Some may preach at the top of their lungs; others may stand more quietly behind the pulpit. But ALL love God and are preaching the Word.

The point is…God did not call me to preach like someone else. He wants me to preach like me. Neither does He expect you to work out your salvation like someone else.

Don’t live to please others. Live to please God!

Work out YOUR OWN salvation today, in the way God has called you and with the gifts God has given you. Just be yourself and see what God will do!

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