4 Tips To Surviving Your Next Storm

“I would hasten my escape from the windy storm and tempest.” (Ps. 55:8)

It has been said that two things are sure in life: DEATH and TAXES! Well, I would add a third thing: STORMS. If you live very long at all you will encounter a storm in your life.

I was reading on a marine lifestyle website their tips on how to survive when you are stuck out on the water in a storm and I realized they were also great tips for how we can also survive any storm that comes our way, spiritually. Here is what they said:


The average boat is equipped with certain things to help it during a storm, such as:

  • EPIRB (emergency position-indicating radio beacon)
  • Storm sails
  • Extra fasteners in the cabin and on deck to prevent things from falling, breaking or causing injury

Likewise, we need to make sure WE are prepared with the right survival equipment, too: God’s Word! We must have it if we are going to survive our storm.


By watching certain things like the wind, pressure, tides, and currents, they can tell when a storm may be coming.

If we look closely, we can tell by our circumstances that a storm may be headed our way. Sometimes it is because of our own actions or reactions that may cause the storm. If you can see it coming, you can prepare for it.


Communication is key during a storm. A skipper may not know that a crew member has been injured during the storm without communication. This is especially true in a marriage. Your spouse may be hurting. Therefore, communication is key to surviving your storm.


Some skippers prefer to ride out the storm while others always prefer to avoid as much of the storm as possible. If there’s an accessible port nearby, move towards it.

God has a port (church) for you during a storm. Your church is the perfect place to head to when your storm hits. It is never wise to try and ride out your storm alone. Get around God’s people and God’s Word and you will have a  much better chance of surviving your next storm!

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